Private Lessons

In private lessons we help you build the foundation that you need to have a well-mannered dog. Even more so, we give you the skills needed to be a leader. Training your dog to be a respectful, obedient member of your family will instill confidence in your dog and create a strong human-canine bond.

Lessons may take place at our training facility, in parks or in-home. Training needs to be consistent. We help you implement rules both in the house and outdoors. From building foundation to being able to confidently walk your dog through your neighbourhood, we can assist you.

What we can help you with:

  • Crate training & house training
  • Obedience commands, such as sit, down and stay
  • Walking loose leash
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviours such as aggression towards dogs and people
  • Jumping on people
  • Coming when called (recall)

What Our Clients Have to Say...

I brought my dog Nero to Melissa looking to fine tune his training and to learn from an experienced trainer. We had some basic obedience going in, but my goal was to have him be reliable on a recall so I could give him lots of freedom. Nero was also reactive to bikers, joggers, and some dogs which wasn't a surprise being a herding mix. Within the first couple lessons Melissa gave us the tools and tricks for Nero to not focus on dogs and focus more on me, and with a couple weeks of practice he now ignores dogs when we walk by them. We also learned how to make his heel better, have rules around the car, faster recalls, and lots of other fun stuff. By our last lesson Nero could be off-leash around bikes and would stay in a down as they passed, although in a relatively low distraction area he did very well and we'll work towards high distraction areas. We had lots of fun training with Melissa and learned lots. We'll have more to work on and will be sure to be back. Nero and I definitely recommend Melissa and BC Westcoast K9 for obedience training and if you want to give your dog off-leash freedom.


5 Star Google Review