BC Westcoast K9 Services

We are here to help you from puppy to senior. Slowly building a good foundation, that will allow you to take your well-behaved dog anywhere!

Dog Training / Canine Obedience Training Services

We offer private lessons that are tailored to you and your dog. We teach you how to provide leadership to your dog through a balanced approach. Obedience training provides enjoyment and promotes a positive relationship between canine and handler.

Learn how we will give you the foundation to have a happy and well-mannered dog.

Online Dog Training Lessons

Online Dog Training

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One-on-one Canine Training

One-on-one Training

Have a dog that you can take anywhere! We offer one on one training programs.

Group Dog Training Lessons

Group Lessons

Group training is led by experienced trainers to hone your dog training skills.

What our clients are saying:

“I gotta give credit where credit is due.Ever since we really started training Diesl, he’s been different.Melissa was right.The more I push him the better he responds.He’s happier.When I come home, he wants affection.Typically, you pet him for a few minutes and then he buggers off.Now he will actually lay beside me and he follows me a lot closer.He’s just waiting for his next job to do. He’s way more enjoyable to have around.Thank you.”

– Dan & GSD Diesl

Housewolves Podcast

Melissa Major on how to have a balanced and confident dog. Informative interviews. Health and lifestyle tips to have a healthy and happy canine companion.