I am a Balanced Dog Trainer

I am a Balanced Dog Trainer

I am a balanced dog trainer.

I am the last resort.

I am the call after the dog killed or badly injured another animal, after a child or adult was bitten, after the eviction notice was served.

I am the final hope.

I am the final hope for the rescue dog that is terrified to exist. The fear aggressive dog that barks, lunges and bites. The dog that cannot go out in society and keeps its owners in isolation. The dog that nearly gets its owners evicted.

I am the final hope for the dog that bit its owner sending them to the hospital for stitches. The dog that most trainers would not work with. The dog that the local “humane” organization refused to provide an assessment of and sight unseen told the owners to euthanize the dog.

I am the final hope for the dog that killed another dog. The dog that everyone else said should die. The dog that was acting out of nothing other than instinct because it is a dog that was breed to fight, to hunt to kill. A dog that requires safeguards and a high level of training and control by the handler.

Sadly, these are true stories. Based on real clients. I hear these stories all of the time.

I am a balanced dog trainer.

The first time working with these dogs it is hard. They have no understanding of what they are or are not supposed to be doing. I must show them that. I must show them in a way that is safe for me and safe for them. It is confusing, it is stressful, it is complete anguish. I must remain calm, patient and follow through with their rehabilitation.

Soon the dog starts to understand what I am asking of it. Over time this creates confidence and trust. The bad behaviours begin to be replaced with good behaviours.

I dream of a day when I am not the last resort.

I dream of a day that I am not the final call before a dog gets euthanized.

I want to be the first call. I want to help people teach their dog a foundation that will make them successful from the beginning. I want dogs to be confident, happy, and good members of our community.

Balanced training sets a dog up for success. Success equals freedom for the dog and its owners.

I am proud to be a balanced trainer.

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