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We now offer training online on Patreon!

BC Westcoast K9 Services has been offering one-on-one, in-person obedience training throughout the lower mainland. Over the last two years, there has become an increasing demand for dog training, especially puppy training. In an effort to meet this new demand, we are now offering a subscription service on Patreon.

Through videos, online chats and one-on-one calls we want to give you the tools to train your puppy and/or dog right in the comfort of your own home. With as little as 5 minutes a day, you can give your dog the foundation it needs to be a well behaved family member that you can take with you anywhere! We are excited to get working with you today!

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Please note:

If you have serious behavioural issues, including a dog with a bite history,  please reach out to us for an in-person consultation. The Patreon resources are intended for basic obedience/foundation for dogs with a healthy temperament.

What our online clients are saying about us!

We thought we were doing well with like sit, down and recall but after watching your videos we learned so many tricks and tips. We’ve taken classes when he was about 4 months and didn’t learn a lot of what we did in yours. We’ve practised the recall game and exercise, we’re working on the down from stand but we’ve only been able to get him to do it from a sit. The videos I’ve watched so far have been super helpful! I’ve been practising the heal while on walks but then I’ll stop walking and make him sit, so that’s been super helpful too!