Available Dogs

Please note, we are not a registered charity. We assist and sometimes care for German Shepherds that need to be given up by their owners and are searching for a new home. We do this because we love and know the breed! Often these dogs come to us through clients, so we generally know these dogs very well and know what kind of home they would need, in order to succeed long term.

There will be a fee for the dog. We do not believe in free dogs. Fees will be based on level of training, age, breed, etc. All dogs will be spayed/neutered.

Help Needed

I have some beautiful beagle puppies that cannot be cared for by their owner so they are coming to live with us!  

They have absolutely beautiful temperaments and were imported from a breeder in Belgium. Females are approx. 7-8 months. Male is slightly older, but under 1 year.

Ideal home would be someone who is able to work them and keep them busy. Nosework, tracking, detection, anything scent related. They need physical and mental stimulation. Raw feed homes only please. They are crate and housetrained. They have some basic obedience, and I will continue to work on it.

Please contact me if you can foster or if you could offer a permanent home.

Thank you 🙂


Sable is a 5 year old neutered male. He is a sable-coloured, (long-hair) German Shepherd. He loves people and is eager to please. He has some solid foundation in obedience from when he was a puppy. He is however, very reactive, on-leash towards dogs. He should not live with any small dogs and young children. He needs a house with a secure fenced yard. He did live with a cat in his previous home. Sable needs someone who is committed to continuing his training to work on his reactivity issues. Sable needs a dog experience home that can provide leadership to help him make good choices. Sable is crate trained and muzzle trained. He is a sweet boy who wants to hang out with his owners in the house and be taken for walks. He is currently raw fed.


Sakura is a 5 year old spayed, female black and tan German Shepherd. Sakura is a big girl that needs an experienced handler. Sakura has had a fair bit of obedience training, muzzle training and is very comfortable in her crate. Sakura needs a home in the country, with a secure fenced yard. She prefers to be the only dog and would not be good with children. Sakura is a dominant girl if you let her push you around. She needs a shepherd savvy owner who can continue to work on her training and has the space where she can have freedom to just be a dog.


Marley is a shepherd / collie mix. He is 5 years old and neutered. Marley is very friendly with people. He is reactive on leash with dogs. He needs a home with a secure fenced yard and someone who is willing to commit to training to help him get over his reactive issues. As far as people go, Marley is an affectionate big boy who just wants love and attention.


Luna is a 2 years old black and tan German Shepherd. She is spayed and healthy. She is from working lines, but she isn’t cut out for a working home. She does however, need a very active home and someone who will commit to continuing her training! She has been living with us as BC Westcoast K9 and we’ve been working hard to give her a solid foundation in obedience. She is also crate trained. She loves car rides. Luna is a great dog! She has an excellent temperament. She is good with adults, children, other dogs, and possibly even cats. This girl is the whole package!