Available Dogs

Please note, we are not a registered charity. We assist and sometimes care for German Shepherds that need to be given up by their owners and are searching for a new home. We do this because we love and know the breed! Often these dogs come to us through clients, so we generally know these dogs very well and know what kind of home they would need, in order to succeed long term.

There will be a fee for the dog. We do not believe in free dogs. Fees will be based on level of training, age, breed, etc. All dogs will be spayed/neutered.

Adult, female (spayed), Belgian Malinois for adoption. She is not your typical Mal. She has less drive, but she is a very big girl for her breed. Approx. 80 lb and fit and very healthy. She is looking for a quiet home with a human she can bond with. She loves going for long walks and hikes. She must be raw fed. She is a love bug and would like to snuggle, but always likes to spend time in her crate. She is very quiet, so could do well in a townhouse or non-house situation as long as you are active and committed to taking her out for exercise. Please have some kind of working dog experience, as she is fast moving and needs ongoing training. She walks beautifully on leash with no pulling and is not at all reactive. She will need ongoing work when she finds her person to continue her obedience and finish her recall. (No small children, no cats.) A well-matched dog would be ok. She travels well in the car/truck as long as she is crated.

Also, no dog parks. No farms, no big backyards with the idea of free-roaming. She is a velcro dog and her time outside needs to be spent with her person. So playing, walks, hikes, etc. She can clear an 8 foot fence easy so if you leave her outside alone she will be gone. She will come looking for you. This is a real companion dog. So someone that is active and wants to be with their dog. Lastly, she has been started in sport detection and is working towards her first SDDA Started Title. If someone is interested in continuing that, it would be ideal!

Only local homes considered (lower mainland). Adoption Fee will apply.


9 month old female beagle. Loves other dogs. Untrusting of new humans. Once she warms up she is a big love bug! She likes to hug and nibble on your ears. Loves to play games. Needs a patient home that is willing to help her conquer her fears. She warms up to women quicker than men. She would do best on a larger property where she can feel safe and slowly learn to venture into the outside world. Healthy and raw fed.


6 month old male beagle. Very busy with a lot of drive. Needs more than just a pet home. He needs someone who is going to keep him busy and let him use his nose. Possibilities include, nose work, tracking, barn hunt, etc. He’s a super fun and outgoing boy.


9 month old female beagle. Loves everyone! Especially enjoys snuggling with her human. Plays well with other dogs, but more people focussed. She is just a big love bug with an outgoing personality. Healthy and currently raw fed.


9 month old female beagle. Loves other dogs. She is friendly with kids and people, but she is timid at first and needs someone who is willing to work on her confidence. Healthy and currently raw fed.


8 month old, male Golden Retriever puppy looking for an active and dog experienced home. Good with dogs, very friendly, lots of energy! He has solid obedience foundation, commands include heel, sit, down, place and recall. He would be best in a home with a large fenced yard or someone with a very active lifestyle who can take him out on lots of runs, walks or hikes. As he is young, you will need to continue his training. He is raw fed.


Available 1 year old, spayed female Dutch Shepherd. Family raised. Basic obedience. Fearful of new people/situations. Needs quiet, active home and someone committed to continue her training. Please contact me for more info. We are helping the family to find a suitable placement.


Sable is a 5 year old neutered male. He is a sable-coloured, (long-hair) German Shepherd. He loves people and is eager to please. He has some solid foundation in obedience from when he was a puppy. He is however, very reactive, on-leash towards dogs. He should not live with any small dogs and young children. He needs a house with a secure fenced yard. He did live with a cat in his previous home. Sable needs someone who is committed to continuing his training to work on his reactivity issues. Sable needs a dog experience home that can provide leadership to help him make good choices. Sable is crate trained and muzzle trained. He is a sweet boy who wants to hang out with his owners in the house and be taken for walks. He is currently raw fed.


Sakura is a 5 year old spayed, female black and tan German Shepherd. Sakura is a big girl that needs an experienced handler. Sakura has had a fair bit of obedience training, muzzle training and is very comfortable in her crate. Sakura needs a home in the country, with a secure fenced yard. She prefers to be the only dog and would not be good with children. Sakura is a dominant girl if you let her push you around. She needs a shepherd savvy owner who can continue to work on her training and has the space where she can have freedom to just be a dog.


Marley is a shepherd / collie mix. He is 5 years old and neutered. Marley is very friendly with people. He is reactive on leash with dogs. He needs a home with a secure fenced yard and someone who is willing to commit to training to help him get over his reactive issues. As far as people go, Marley is an affectionate big boy who just wants love and attention.


Luna is a 2 years old black and tan German Shepherd. She is spayed and healthy. She is from working lines, but she isn’t cut out for a working home. She does however, need a very active home and someone who will commit to continuing her training! She has been living with us as BC Westcoast K9 and we’ve been working hard to give her a solid foundation in obedience. She is also crate trained. She loves car rides. Luna is a great dog! She has an excellent temperament. She is good with adults, children, other dogs, and possibly even cats. This girl is the whole package!